Needl, une appli pour vous aider à choisir un vrai bon restaurant !

Needl, une appli pour vous aider à choisir un vrai bon restaurant !

Needl, an app that will really help you to select great restaurants!


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Dans le monde des appli sympas et qui souhaitent nous faciliter la vie, vient de naître “Needl”, une appli qui a pour but de vous aider réellement à choisir une bonne adresse sur le web.

Le fondateur Valentin Ménard, a décidé de partir en guerre contre les avis peu fiables, que l’on peut lire sur les différents sites que nous connaissons tous malheureusement un peu trop bien.

Le but de l’appli est de suivre vos amis ou des influenceurs fiables (composés de blogueurs passionnés) et donc de pouvoir vous rendre dans un restaurant sans peur de finir dans une adresse sordide aux avis pourtant extraordinaires… ce qui nous est tous arrivé au moins une fois !

Needl est disponible sur l’App Store et bientôt sur Android, c’est aussi un blog à découvrir ici:


In the world of the coolest app that wish to make our lives easier, there is a newborn named “Needl”, this app wants to help you to select a reliable restaurant address.

The founder Valentin Ménard, decided to declare war on the unreliable recommendation that can be read on the different websites that we all know, unfortunately, a little too well.

The purpose of the app is to follow your friends or trusted influencers (passionated bloggers) and therefore being able to go to a restaurant without fear of ending up in a sordid address but with extraordinary reviews… A situation we’ve all been through at least once…

Needl is available on the App Store and soon on Android, it is also a blog you can discover here:

Coffee trends ! Tendances Café !

Coffee trends !

Tendances Café !


The London Coffee Festival is taking place from today until the 10th of April, so let’s see what’s going on in the coffee world.

Great companies with amazing ideas are taking part to this event! Let’s discover some of them.

1- Bring your coffee with you!

First we can notice that there is a huge work on the container! Companies like Stojo, Magicup or Keepcup are trying to do their best to design beautiful cups or to make it waterproofness.

Pictures from Stojo Website

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Sommes-nous tous des chefs?

Are we all head chefs?

Unless you live alone on a desert island, you are probably aware of the current”sharing” trend. We are sharing our networks, our opinions on Facebook, our pictures but also our taxi, our house, our room and as a consequence our meals !

We are definitly living under the age of the sharing economy, those who do not accept it may still try to slow things down, it will not change the simple fact that if this model meets success, it just means that it is meeting a current need.
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It’s time for Advent calendars !


C’est l’heure des calendriers de l’Avent!

Christmas is coming! But until then, adults and kids, we’ll wait opening each day our little windows. Even if this old tradition is clearly back to fashion, I personally think it’s better if the surprise is eatable and if it tastes good!

Here is my selection of great Advent calendars, that seem to be tasty and can be also great gifts for friends or family. Continue reading

The eBook “Secret Tastes and Confidential Places” is finally published !



Click on the picture of the cover to get access to the shop, you can download the ebook for 0,99€!


Let’s Travel Through 28 Tastes and 21 Places Across the 5 Continents …

A book dedicated to the Gourmet Travelers, please approach it like a treasure map which shows you the way to the real Salted Butter Caramel, a unique sparkling rum, one of the best peppers in the world, historic farmers market and a homemade tofu in the Big Apple.

Have an amazing foodie journey!

Le livre numérique “Secret Tastes and Confidential Places” est enfin publié!


Voyageons à travers 28 goûts et 21 lieux sur les 5 continents…

Un livre dédié aux voyageurs gourmets! Abordez le comme une carte au trésor qui vous montrerait le chemin pour partir découvrir le véritable Caramel au Beurre Salé, un rhum pétillant unique, l’un des meilleurs poivres au monde, des marchés historiques, ou encore un tofu “fait maison” en plein cœur de la Grosse Pomme.

Je vous souhaite un voyage gourmand extraordinaire!

Interesting cakes in cans “Le Breton en Boîte”

Interesting cakes in cans “Le Breton en Boîte”

Seen during my holidays, this very smart concept of traditionnal cakes from the Britanny area. The cakes baked in cans as you can keep them during approximately 2 years, perfect for homesick and nostalgic gourmet!

Jean-Louis Oro in his bakery named “Pain d’Epices” located in Quiberon, has put in cans the famous Quatre-Quart, Kouign-Amann and Gâteau Breton, all without coloring or preservatives.

Le Breton en Boîte at Bakery Pain d’Épices

2 bis, rue Poulignier

56170 Quiberon

Phone number: 02 97 29 50 12

 breton en boîte 1 BRETON EN BOITE 2

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Traditional, infused and whipped Honey From Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Seen on the Internet@

The company”CLOISTER HONEY” offers an interesting range of raw honey with uncommon flavors.

For example you can find a Bourbon infused honey or a whipped honey with cocoa.

More information and prices on the website: CLOISTER HONEY


Vu sur le web@

L’entreprise “CLOISTER HONEY” propose une gamme très intéressante de miels bruts avec des saveurs qui sortent de l’ordinaire.

On peut ainsi par exemple y trouver une miel infusé au Bourbon ou encore un miel crémeux au cacao.

Plus d’informations et tarifs sur le site Internet:CLOISTER HONEY




Pictures printed from the website of CLOISTER HONEY


Seen on the Internet@

The company “Rhum Attitude” offers a box of different rums, as you can taste and discover six old rums delivered at your place each month.

More information and prices on the website.

Vu sur le web@

La société “Rhum Attitude” propose une box composée de différents rhums, afin de pouvoir découvrir et goûter six rhums vieux, livrés tous les mois chez vous.

Plus d’informations et tarifs sur le site Internet.

rhum attitude


Pictures printed from the website RHUM ATTITUDE